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Our courses are uniformly approved in several states and we offer them in the best locations throughout the U.S! You don't have to be in a stuffy meeting room.

    Online Self-Study

    Sometimes you need to earn some CE credits immediately, or maybe you prefer to do it at your own pace in the office. Find quality, affordable courses here.

    Course Descriptions

    BMF CE offers classroom courses and webinars on a variety of interesting topics rarely found in the continuing education industry.  Read more

    BMF offers insurance pre-licensing classes for those seeking a limited lines credit insurance license in Montana.


    Rather than travel to Missoula or Billings, attend our class in the comfort of your office chair. Our classes will be offered several times throughout the year via GoToTraining, an online webinar application.  Simply log in to the class and dial in to the conference line. Depending on the number of participants and the volume of questions, you can expect to be in the class for about two hours.


    Some pre-licensing classes cost hundreds of dollars, but our class is only $69 per person. In addition to those savings, you may save hundreds more in travel expenses by attending the class online and minimizing time out of the office.


    We have been coaching exam candidates since 2010 and our customers have a 90+% success rate on the first try.

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    Schedule an appointment to take the exam at www.PearsonVue.com.  Keep in mind you may need to be fingerprinted and fingerprinting is done at the same location at the exam.